Monday, 10 August 2015

Dealing with a failed Turbo on a Xsara Picasso 2.0HDI

After Starting to notice a lot of lag in my Picasso, I noticed that this could be a failed turbo (or failing) as there was no plumes of black smoke coming out of the exhaust. So I was towed back home after confirming this with the AA.

When I got back home I ordered a re furbished turbo from a local turbo dealer, which set me back £220 it was a lot better than what the garage had quoted me £800 for parts and labour.

I gave my friend mechanic a call who helped me with the process, yeah this was long and daunting and hard work. We did not take the full engine out, what we did was to remove the rear engine mount and remove the driver side drive shaft completely out, then one of us had the engine rocked forward with our feet and yes this was from underneath with axle stands, whilst my pal had enough room to remove the turbo and feed pipes from the rear of the engine.

Please make sure you buy NEW oil feed pipes. Dont clean them out and think they are good to go again, because believe me they ain't! I found this out the hard way a blew another turbo within 2 weeks as this was the cause - Lack of oil to the turbo reversed the self nut tightening on the impeller forcing it to come off and go through on its self! £220 down the drain!

So I scrapped it a bought a petrol 1.8 :)